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Power & Hybrid Solutions

Hystar Sourcing & Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is your reliable partner for smart and powerful energy solutions. Power crisis in Pakistan has become a burning question during recent years. Regular breakdown and failure in power supply has become more like a norm. The organizations and industries now a days get to face a constant challenge of meeting their needs for reliable power solution. An unreliable, substandard and inferior quality power solution results in huge economic loss . Hystar being an ISO 9001 certified company always delivers high quality and reliable power / hybrid solutions for our clients. There are two type of options available to cope with electricity crisis. Firstly, power solution that comprises of UPS and diesel generators. Secondly, a hybrid solution that is based on renewable energy systems. It is a combination of conventional engine generators combined wit PV and wind turbines. Hence it makes a hybrid of power and storage which turns out to be more economic and lasting solution for power supply.  Hystar is your power solution partner, no matter what type of solution you opt for. Our branded UPS, power batteries and generator sets come with a wide range of specifications to meet the requirements of our clients. We have setup and installed our power solution systems at various prestigious public, industrial and commercial enterprises. With guaranteed quality and after sales support,  Our power / hybrid division is committed to deliver excellence of energy solutions to all public and non-public sectors.

What We Offer

Hystar offers annual or maintenance contracts     with and without parts & consumables for:

Power Setup



IT Setup, HVAC & Data Centers

Supply & Installation of New Power & Electrical Setup Including:

  • Power/Control Cabling
  • Power Panels
  • Synchronization of Main & Standby Power Sources

System engineering design

Solar power plant installation

Net metering system

Efficiency monitoring

Operations & Maintenance

Earthing electrode

Earthing pit cover

Audit and monitoring of earthing

Power Circuit Corrections.

Lying & Termination of LT/HT Cabling Solutions.

Power & Transmission Production/Monitoring Solutions.

Step Up & Step Down Solutions & Services.

Power/Energy Audits & Solutions.