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ICT & Enterprise

Our information technology consultants assist organizations to plan and formulate their strategies for information & communication technology depending on their business requirements. We understand that ICT & enterprise solutions play a vital role in running business operations. Hence, Hystar delivers cutting edge solutions which enable companies acquiring market competence and staying ahead of their competitors through communication and operational processing. Our ICT & enterprise solutions are not just software & cloud based but they are focused on all-inclusive services package where we deliver services starting from need assessment, civil works, networking & power solutions to installation and maintenance services while covering all areas in between. Hystar offers solutions which are cost effective, seamlessly integrated. Our ICT & enterprise solutions enhance the efficiency of business processes within your organization in a fastest and hassle free manner. Hystar partners with you to become your one-source solution where a wide range of services are accommodated and integrated to meet the requirements of your enterprise through a single channel. Our solutions are consistent, secure, stable and glitches free following industry best practices.

ICT & Enterprise Solutions

  • Data Centers, Planning, Design & Construction Services.
  • System Integration & Optimization.
  • Information Systems Security.
  • Active/Passive Infrastructure, includes LAN, WLAN, OSP & ODN.
  • Structured Network Cabling & Smart Buildings Solutions.
  • IP Telephony, Video Conferencing & CCTV Surveillance.
  • Technical Specifications & Solutions TOR/URS on Turnkey Basis.

  • Civil Work & Earthing/Lightning Solutions for IT/Data Centers.
  • Complete Power Solutions, including UPS, AVR, and Rectifiers.
  • Raised Flooring, Cable Trays, Ladders, Synchronization & Panels/DB’s Fabrication.
  • Lying & Termination of LT/HT Power & Control Cabling.
  • Smoke Detection, Fire Suppression, Monitoring & Access Controls.
  • Precision & Comfort Cooling Solutions.
  • Integration, Commissioning & Installation Services.
  • Operations & Maintenance Services/SLA.